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Patricia Ferreira writes:

My question is:I have three hives in the city, about a foot apart. The oldest, in the middle, couldn't be healthier. The second and third, however, are barely making it. They aren't making comb, hardly laying brood, eating sugar, but little else. What's up with them and what should I do?

Hard tellin', not knowin'.

Not knowing the history of the weak colonies that is. Were all three colonies started at the same time. Did either of the weaker ones swarm? Are you sure? Were they packages this spring? Did they supercede? What's the mite load? Did you evaluate the queens' performance earlier in the year? Were the queens laying a good pattern at that time? Is there chalkbrood present?

There are really too many unanswered questions to make an intelligent evaluation of your  problem. Pictures of the brood would be helpful. Can we do that here? (We can - Editor)

- Mike