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Room to Move

Malcolm H. Warner writes:

We have 2 hives we started last year. Both very strong. The bottom deep on both hives have 4 frames of complete honey and the next deep (top deep)is the same way with each having 4 frames of honey. We moved the honey to the outer positions (1,2,8,9)to give the bees room. As we are still learning was that a good move or should we have taken the honey frames out completely and replaced them with new frames. Thank you for your time. Malcolm

Surely they don't need 8 deep combs of capped honey, at the beginning of the honeyflow. I might remove the frames of honey from the top deep and replace with empty combs or foundation. If you use foundation, you'll gain a few new combs...which we all need in our apiary, and you can save the combs of capped honey for an emergency, or to make up nucleus colonies for wintering over.

- Mike