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Is it Safe?


Is it Safe?

Aaron Young writes:

Hi Mike, I keep several hives in the NEK, I noticed that many of my colonies were running low on winter stores so I gave them some bee "candy" and pollen patties about a week ago... They seem to be devouring the candy...

If we get an entire week of 50 degree weather, is it ok to give them some sugar syrup? Thank you.

Aaron, I think it would be safe to give the bees some syrup if they can fly regularly. Until then, continue to use candy or fondant.

One note, giving your bees a protein supplement will encourage them to start brood rearing, increase food consumption, and as a result, have a greater need for cleansing flights.

February is a bit early to feed protein. I usually wait until the second half of March.


- Mike Palmer keeps bees at French Hill Apiaries in St. Albans. We are grateful that he has agreed to answer questions on beekeeping in Vermont, his workload permitting. VBA Members: Ask Mike your question with this form. (Requires you to login to the site.) We'll post the best questions and answers here as regularly as possible. (Personal responses to questions will not be possible.)