Beekeeping in Vermont...

Like fine wine or fancy chocolate, each beekeeper's honey is particular to the bee yard in which its made. Taste and appearance are largely Honey frm GM Bee Farmdependent on where the bees have foraged, bass wood, apple blossoms, raspberries, mint, the list is endless.  At EAS, Rowen Jacobson, used the french word "terroir" (pronounced tare-WAHR), translated as the "taste of place," to explain the individuality of honey. At the farmer's market or local food supplier, look at a shelf of Vermont honey and its terroir is immediately apparent and incredibly diverse.

In 250 words, write your honey's individual story, describing how it gets its unique terroir. You can also include how you named your honey. Send the story to Patricia Ferreira at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she'll publish it in the December issue of FlightPath, the electronic newsletter for VBA members.