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Bears In Shelburne

5/16/2012 - Bears In Shelburne 

Another Bear Sighting For Shelburne Point

bejccrn@aol.com BARBARA JEWETT NOYES


Bear was seen on Bay Rd. in the ROW by the railroad underpass this past Tuesday early evening.

gockert@aol.com JENNY OCKERT


We have had a bear active on the ridge behind our house - tore up some bee hives (left them in pieces) and another one spotted near our pond. An animal control officer told us that there is about one bear per square mile here in the Southern County. Generally, keep your trash cans in until the morning the trash collector comes - and, the bird feeders should be down for the season. The bears are hungry right now since they have only recently come out of hibernation.

Jenny Ockert 
514 Shelburne-Hinesburg Road