Beekeeping in Vermont...

Taylor Ricketts is the new director of the Gund Institute at UVM and a specialist on pollination. He is requesting assistance  identifying sample pollinators in Vermont. He writes:

"I am new professor at UVM, studying, among other things, the importance of wild pollinators (both native bees and Apis) in supporting sustainable agriculture. I would like to begin similar research locally, on Vermont's food system, perhaps focusing on blueberry, squash, apple, or other bee-pollinated specialty crops.

"The ideal design would be to identify farms that differ in on-farm management and surrounding land-use intensity, and then survey crop pollinators on those farms and their impacts on fruit yields and quality. As a first step, though, I'd like to simply sample pollinators on a few crops this spring, to get a sense for who visits what, and to build relationships with farmers.  I'd like to spend some time understanding VT's agricultural system, so I can design my work to be most helpful.

"Any suggestions regarding good potential field sites, existing studies or databases, etc. would be much appreciated."

- Taylor Ricketts
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