Beekeeping in Vermont...

Please sign on to support this act about preserving habitat and forage plants along our highways. This is H.R. 2381 and has just been introduced. It's supported by many organizations including the American Beekeeping Federation and the American Honey Producers Association.beehiway_sm

Loss of habitat is a big issue for many pollinators, honeybees not the least of which, as well as birds, bats, and butterflies. Reducing mowing would preserve habitat as well as reduce pollution and local and state transportation costs. More info and the support letter to sign can be found at

Thank you -- Annie

(I took the picture above 3 days ago on the roadside in front of my home. A honey bee gathers nectar and pollen from a chicory flower. These flowers bloom along roadsides all over Vermont. When the state (or town) comes by and mows the roadside, the flowers are cut -- and no more food for bees and other pollinators, and habitat reduction for birds. What about poison parsnip? Well, according to various authorities on the subject, mowing at this time of year only serves to spread the seeds of the poison parsnip, which have now formed -- furthering the spread of this invasive plant.)