Beekeeping in Vermont...

On Saturday 10/13/2013, eleven VBA and Franklin County Bee Club members had the opportunity to pay it forward, lending a helping hand to Mike Palmer. With Mike’s upcoming trip to the United Kingdom to speak at the National Honey Show, he was behind in the winter preparation of his hives at several bee yards. With great pleasure several club members were able to donate some time to help Mike and his bees.

This opportunity not only provided a great learning experience for the helpers, but more importantly provided our club members a small way of saying thank you to Mike, for all that he has done for Vermont bees, VBA and Franklin County Bee Club members.

The group helped in the winter preparation of nine bee yards in Franklin County. They removed feeding cans, prepped/cleaned inner covers, placed insulation boards and tied down the hives. You can see by the photos (thanks Bill Mares), everyone had a great time helping out on a beautiful fall day.

Thank you to Billie Davis, Tammy White, Lori Kraft, Carol Stanley, Dave Stanley, Julie Wolfe, Anne Brown, Stuart Alexander, Bill Mares, Janice Girard, and Paul Yanus for their time and assistance. This extra effort gave Mike a little breathing room before his trip.

Hurry back Mike, we are all anxious to hear about your experience over the pond.

Palmer Beeyard 1  Palmer Beeyard 2  Palmer Beeyard 3

Palmer Beeyard 4  Palmer Beeyard 5  Palmer Beeyard 6