Monday, 16 August 2021
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I seem to have a case of CBPV in one of my hives -- possibly two hives. Black, bald, smaller bees, trembling and 20-30 dead bees under the landing board every morning! Nevertheless, the hive seems strong and productive. I'm sure it is being weakened though and will have a tough time making it through the winter. Does anyone have any experience with this virus? Anything I can do? I did treat with Formic yesterday, but from what I've read there isn't any real treatment. Our mite load has been low.
1 month ago
Keep an eye on the brood. I had a queen succumb to it. She looked like an intoxicated wasp. Hadn't been laying for some time and was going to die any day. Was "lucky" to find her in that condition as once they show symptoms it's days to death. Type I, II and III can be in same hive.
1 month ago
Yes, I've seen paralysis virus issues over the years. A few times the colony lost a lot of bees, but it often looks worse than it is. You say the colony is strong, so there might not be enough effected bees to cause the demise of the colony. I've seen some colonies succumb, but from those that I have seen most recover.
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