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  Sunday, 13 April 2014
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Hello everyone-

this is my first winter, I lost all 3 of my colonies. They froze. I can clearly see that (no disease, or parasites).
I'm still not over the removal of the pounds of bees that perished- such a waste- and they were fine up until that last arctic blast of cold we got in March.

My question is: can I introduce new packages to these frames- (several still have honey stores)

How "clear" of dead bees does the hive need to be? (the ones still head first in the comb)

I think the drawn comb would be a huge asset, rather than new- so I'd like to make it easier for the incoming colony to get started-

any tips would be greatly appreciated-

I'm also concidering not using bottom boards this year- Pros? cons?

7 years ago
Please reconsider the use of bottom boards.
It would be like wearing shoes without soles.
The bottom board acts a landing board,a floor, a support for the hive, a protection against predators,etc...
But I am curious, what are your thoughts as to why not to use a bottom board?

The frames with dead bees can be re-used. The new package will quickly clean the frames. You can help but trying to remove some of the bees. I will gently tap the frame with dead bees against a wall or on a floor to dislodge as many as possible.

Any dead bees on frames but not in cells can be gently brushed off, those on the bottom board can be merged with the grass.

The drawn comb is a HUGE asset for package bees as they don't need to expend energy into wax production.

If you can please try to come to the April 19th workshop. We will be opening hives, some for the first time this season and much of what I have described will be visible.

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