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  Wednesday, 29 January 2014
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Checked my two hive last weekend by giving them a wrap on the side which was followed by a little buzz. Also there was some warm air coming out of the hive entrance. so they seem to have made it so far...Has anyone else checked their hives ? Any dead hives so far? I hope this cold spell finally ends soon. Also is anyone planning on buying a package this early just as insurance.?
7 years ago
Sorry to hear about your bees Julie, it probably was your hives I heard about. With the ups and downs in temperatures we had, it could have been moisture problems. I noticed there was moisture seeping around the joints between the inner cover and the hive body the other day so I made sure the vents were clear, hoping it would help. There may be other factors involved, but with plenty of stores near the cluster, and if the bees were in good health prior to winter, ventilation would be my guess. There are many others out there that may have some Better Ideas. It appears the moisture in my hive has dissepated, and they are still buzzing.
7 years ago
I lost all three of my hives this year in Proctorsville. (I'm probably the one you heard about Wayne!) I checked last week,on the warm Tuesday, with plans of feeding if necessary. Not necessary. Plenty of honey, but all three were dead. There seemed to be a lot of bees in there and they had clustered, though many were on the top of the inner cover. I was short on time for a full investigation, but I'm wondering what I should have (or still can) look for so I can get some insight into what happened. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
7 years ago
:) I have checked my hive 3 or 4 times during the winter making sure there was good air circulation and always checking for the buzz. As you probably know my bees were hit by a bear three times during the last year and I didn't hold much hope for their survival. Altho we have more winter coming this swarm seems to be fine today. A few weeks ago we had a couple days of 40 degree weather, I noticed they had a cleansing flight so I took the top off to check them. It didn't look like they had much for stores so I put on a medium super with 5 frames of honey on top. On another day this past week I took the top off again and the cluster appeared directly below the inner cover. I was hoping today the temps would give me a chance to get a better look inside the hive. It was 42 degrees until the cloud cover came in and now the temps are dropping again. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Also I heard another beekeeper near me did lose all three of her swarms this winter, but hearig this second hand have no idea what happened with them.
7 years ago
I rap New Year's Day, a silly ritual but I don't care. One of four hives was dead, and the others seemed to have a pretty loud response to the rapping. Today, after almost four weeks, there was flight, and I felt that I could assess colony strength based on how many dead bees were in front of each of the hives. It's still a long while until they start visiting the poplar flowers . . .
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