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  Friday, 16 July 2021
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First time beekeeper. I purchased 2 nucs (5 frame) about a month ago (June 20..thank you Zach at Suddabees!!). The colonies seem to be thriving, having drawn out the 5 new deep frames quickly, and, last week, I added a medium super to each hive, with queen excluders. One colony has drawn out about half the frames and there are two solid frames with honey. The other hive has only started with the draw out.

This decision was informed by the wonderful videos from University of Guelph (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mjpM6Av4bxbxps_Gh5YPw) that approaches winters with a single brood box. I can see lots of advantages to running a single as far as ease of queen management, weight/bulk, etc. Guelph is in a zone 5b in Ontario. I live in Burlington (which is 5a). Do others manage from single brood hives? Are there winter issues? Any thoughts/tips/advice on attempting this? I have wondered if perhaps I should try one of my hives as a single and give the other a second brood box and compare results.

Thank you!
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