Since 1886 the VBA has promoted the general welfare of Vermont's Honey Industry, while sustaining a friendly body of unity among the state's beekeepers.
  1. Minding My Own Beeswax

    by Jeanne Davis

    I’ve been thinking about the quality of beeswax for quite a while and I’d like to share some of my developing ideas here. I keep 10-15 colonies of bees in two bee yards in southwest Vermont. My colonies consist of 3 medium hive bodies and shallow honey supers. In 2008 I started thinking a lot about the nature of beeswax to act as a sponge, holding environmental and intentional (beekeeper applied) chemicals. I had already been rotating out older combs but now proceeded to do it more regularly. I marked each frame with the year it was first employed and this helped me see which ones to cycle out first. Over time I’ve pulled out old frames so that I am on a 4=5 year cycle of replacement.


  2. Vermont Beekeepers & COVID-19

    The Vermont Beekeepers Association is proceeding with plans for the summer meeting in Brandon, scheduled for July 11. Of course we, like everyone else, are monitoring the Coronavirus situation and will make a decision as to whether the meeting will take place on the scheduled date. We are already planning alternate dates if it becomes necessary and will provide news on the VBA website and in our emailed Updates to members.

    The EAS Board of Directors is closely watching the Coronavirus situation and will likely decide if EAS 2020 will be cancelled sometime in April. Currently the University of Maine Orono where the 2020 EAS conference is planned, is closed. Registration for EAS will not be opened until, and when, the Executive Board makes a decision.

    In the event of a prolonged stay home order, the VBA will use teleconferencing, webinars and other online learning tools to assist members. In the meantime, members may use the VBA website forums in order to interact with other beekeepers and ask questions as we prepare for the upcoming season. (Login to the VBA website and find the Forums under the Members Only menu.)

    Finally, Vermont Governor Phil Scott issued an Addendum to Executive Order 01-20 in response to COVID-19 directing Vermonters to stay home:

    "To preserve the public health and safety, to ensure the healthcare delivery system is capable of serving all, and to help protect those at the highest risk and vulnerability, Vermonters are directed to stay at home or in their place of residence, leaving only for essential reasons." The complete order may be read here.

    Section 6 of the order includes an agricultural exemption allowing beekeepers to tend to their apiaries.

    State Coronavirus information may be viewed here or you may visit the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website.

    The VBA website calendar will reflect updated events information as we receive it. Local clubs are asked to update their calendar listings as-needed.

  3. Take Your Club to the Next Level

    There are five needs that should be met by a bee club for its members: social, educational, financial, political, and promotional. 

    More:Bee Club

  4. SABA Seminar Canceled

    The Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association (SABA) Annual Seminar at HVCC Tec Smart is canceled due to restrictions on HVCC and events at the facility.

  5. March 4 Meeting Minutes Posted

    VBA Members: Meeting minutes from the March 4 board of directors meeting are available in the Members Only area. (Login required.) There are a few issues being looked at, including honey adulteration, and the definition of localas it applies to honey and Vermont products.

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