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  Tuesday, 28 May 2013
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Despite my best efforts to find swarm cells in the past two weeks I've had two hives swarm. Fortunately, I was home when it happened so I was able to catch them and both are doing fine. Three weeks ago I had started really checking closely and found a few cells in one hive that was fairly crowded. I made a walk-away split and watched the others closely. No dice. I am curious as to how quickly swarm cells can form as I really really really have been conscientious after getting burned in the past.
Swarms: How many have you had so far in 2013?
8 years ago
Hello Group,

It's good to see we have healthy hives performing as they should in the warm and humid weather. The bees know what they need and bearding is one of their mechanisms to manage temperature in the hive. One other cooling method is to leave water droplets on the tops of the frames and then move air over the water to keep things cool. Sort of like an insect swamp cooler.

I hope some of you can come to the preparing for winter workshop at the intervale this coming Saturday at 11am.

Finally, if any one is interested in extraction services please see http://www.vtbeekeeper.com for more information.

8 years ago
While we await the "experts," I did check the hive today (man, it was hot out there in the spacesuit!) and found that top medium super was HEAVY!! Very surprised they were able to add so much weight in such a short time, you must be right about the goldenrod. I've added another medium super above that with 10 new frames, hoping that gives them some more room to move about and stop that scary "bearding."

You mention ventilation--is there more I can do to add ventilation on the top? I have a moisture board above my inner cover, should I remove that? Is there a different type of outer cover that doesn't cover the little notch in my upper cover which would give them another way into the hive?

Finally, this is a bit off topic, but since it looks like I'll have some honey to harvest, is there a place that can extract it from the frames? I'm not sure I want to invest in the equipment just yet. Oh, and really finally, how do I add a bee escape so that those upper supers are clear of bees when I want to harvest the honey.

Thanks again,

Hi Dave~
I'm a first timer this season, too, so I await an experts reply on this-
I look at my hives every morning~ it's really hot and humid this morning-
and mine are super active-

Your photo looks like "bearding" to me- ( they are trying to ventilate)
We'll wait and see what the experts say- but I would probably make sure theres a way for

ps I think you need to be looking in your hive more often, too-
they can put up alot of honey during the goldenrod season!
8 years ago
Hi, I'm a new beekeeper with just one hive in Woodstock. Woke this morning to a slew of bees "hanging out" as pictured. I have 2 deep supers and 1 medium super with a queen excluder between the upper deep and top medium. Looked 2 weeks ago and not much honey in medium super, so decided not to add a second medium on top. Am I too late to avoid a swarm or should I try to relieve congestion by adding another medium super on top? Should I leave the queen excluder in place?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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8 years ago
I am! This is fun. I'm avoiding the tedious stuff.
8 years ago
i thought you were on vacation
8 years ago
Mary Jane -

Convenience doesn't begin to describe it.

Exactly one week later, same day (Saturday) at the same hour (11ish in the morning) I had another hive swarm landing in the same tree. Caught it and now have six hives. All are doing very well with the three original hives providing 490lbs of honey this year and the three new ones giving about 70 total which I'll save for feeding. Goldenrod is still going strong here.

8 years ago
I've had queen cells this fall no swarm for certain, and another beekeeper I know has had two swarms in the last two weeks.
8 years ago
Just catching up on the forums, but I had to laugh at the "convenience" of this swarm - so close to the ground! Well trained bees??? ;-)))
9 years ago
Have not had any swarms yet and hoping not to
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