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  Thursday, 06 October 2016
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I lost my two hives last year and David from the state did an inspection and found no reason for the bees to be gone. I'm reading this year about bees absconding. Never heard this one in my experience with bees. I think that is what happened to my bees last winter as the descriptions fits perfectly. I'm afraid the same will happen this year. My reason for thinking this way is that the fall is starting out the same as last year and the weather prediction sounds similar. I've been reading of others having this happen to them. What are the opinions on absconding? I really never heard this pertaining to hive losses.
5 years ago
The hives that absconded were my last years hives. If you send me an email I will forward to you the findings of the state guy David.
5 years ago
I still think the bees didn't abscond. The mite load was very high. A damaged colony already. You treated with formic and blew away the queen...there was a queen, right? You were positive? And probably the youngest brood. They went queenless back in August. The sick bees died in the field, as sick bees do.

Now, in the center of the broodnest...there weren't any remaining cells of capped brood? Just a few maybe?
5 years ago
Nice, thank you for your encouragement.
Don't give up ,we all for sure get hit with all kinds of challenges but as time goes by we learn
How to better handle the challenges as they come.
Yes we win some and lose some but over all we become better Beekeepers .
I'm building a few more of these for next year they do help control robbing
Nothing is a 100% grantee

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5 years ago
Thank you. My bees were getting robbed bad this morning. I decreased the entrance and duct taped all the ventilation holes. I've had a crazy summer with skunks, swarms, now robbing. Needless to say it has been difficult to get near them. The skunks angered them - I solved that problem. Now robbing. I hope I fixed that problem. I did the Mitestrips two weeks ago so hopefully if they survive all this they will go into the winter with low mite counts and enough food. Been feeding them also. Oh well. Maybe bees aren't for me.
Hive absconded however I do not know what came first as two weeks ago helping a new Beekeeper
This hive was very strong !had mixed brood and the Queen looked great 2 deeps and a medium was treated late Aug with MAQS time of treatment Had a mite count of 15 mites for 300 bees.
I returned to help her weight the hive the bees where gone no dead bees and no honey
Was completely wiped out.
So my big question is what came first and why . Where they robbed and absconded.
Or did they abscond and then the hive was robbed out.

Only one hive in the yard however the area has a few yards with in a mile and more yards
With in 2 and three miles.

Note she said two days before I came she had looked at the hive and everything seemed
5 years ago
There's really no way that the colony would abscond b tween October and January. Something else happened. Even though you say there was no evidence of Varroa, I'll bet it was Varroa.
5 years ago
I'm sorry I didn't answer your question very well Mike. I closed them by Oct. 30 and sometime between then and Jan they left.
5 years ago
They were gone by January. Maybe a cup of dead bees in the bottom of both hives, full of honey. As David noted in his findings, no sign of disease or mite problem. I can forward his report to you. I'm thinking it may happen again because I saw and lkilled two yellow jackets in one hive yesterday. That's one if the causes of absconding I recently read. I'm very discouraged. I've had bees for 8 years and haven't heard of absconding. The weather last fall/winter was so very unusual and this one, the yellow jackets this year well, I've had so many in my garden and everywhere.
5 years ago
Are you saying the bees absconded in the winter? Tell me more.
5 years ago
Thank you
5 years ago
Hello, from some research there may be several reasons for a hive to abscond.

A Dearth of nectar may have their stores depleted. Predators, yellow jackets, wax moths, small hive beetles etc. may have invaded the hive. Excessive intrusions by skunks, or the beekeeper. Excessive noise from lawn mower or something else causing bees not wanting to live there. Another possible factor is that new hives do not have that "home"smell. Sometimes people paint the inside of a new hive and have empty frames, glue smell etc. Another factor could be hive placement, are the hives overheating late in the afternoon ???
Most of these refer to new hives, which may have a bearing on your first year. Perhaps your bees will feel at home this year and stay put. Good luck.
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