Saturday, 03 September 2016
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Since it appears that there is going to be limited honey production this year for me compared with last year (its so dry that the goldenrod producing little nectar), I am considering removing the extra (very slightly filled) supers and concentrating on getting the bees prepped for winter stores. As such, I have a number of supers which have a TINY amount of honey in the frames, some capped, some uncapped. Is there a protocol for storing these? The frames have pulled wax, and I'd like to save that, but I'm worried the honey may go bad in them. Any advice that has worked for people in the past?? Thanks in advance. -Steve
This is a little work but it works for me.
Put the frames in Exstractor spin out the nectar and honey save in a pail.
Remove frames decap and put back in Exstractor,Exstract honey save for you.

Feed the honey nectar mixture back to your bees for winter stores
Store your supers in a cool dry place make sure mice can't get in them.
Do not store your supers in your basement

Good luck
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