Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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Hi All,
I currently have a small apiary on my property with 2 colonies with the intent to split them this season. I have neighbors whom have 2 colonies on their property as well. I just noticed yesterday, sometime within the last week someone has located a significant apiary ~1/3 mile down our road (as in two rural house down from us). I would say there may be as many as a dozen hives. As this is my second year of beekeeping, I am wondering, as the law reads, if this is okay, or whom I should contact to find out.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
1 year ago
The distance restriction only applies to 10 or more colonies in an apiary and is nullified if located on your own property. Every home owner along your road could have 10 or more of their own colonies on their property.

In other words, once you have 10 or more colonies in one registered location no other "commercial size" apiary may be located within one mile radius. This regulation has to do with side liners and larger that have bee yards outside of their own property. Limits competition and spread of disease.
1 year ago
Hi, I suggest you contact the Vt. Apiary Inspector, Brooke Decker. She can review the area and answer your question. Brooke can be reached through the Vt Dept. Of Agriculture web site.
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