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  Saturday, 05 January 2019
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Happy New Year! I'm thinking spring already and wonder what you all think is a better method to replace old brood comb in a double deep brood chamber. I am a third year beekeeper and would like to start rotating out some of the drone heavy combs. Would you recommend the Bailey method, checker boarding or another method. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
3 years ago
Thank you Mike. I appreciate the reply. I think I’ll give the Bailey Method a shot.
3 years ago
I have some three year old frames that have a high petcentage of drone cells. I am looking for the best way to cull the old comb and add new foundation. Thank you for the reply
3 years ago
Checkerboarding is a swarm control method. It involves alternating full combs of honey and empty combs...in the honey supers. It has nothing to do with brood nests or replacing old, drones combs.

Bailey Comb change is usually performed to replace a box of combs in the broodnest. The old combs are placed on bottom board, with an excluder on top. A box of foundation is placed on the excluder. An empty comb or frame of brood in placed in the center of the new box. The queen is placed above the excluder. When the brood emerges from combs below excluder, the combs are removed and rendered.

You could also just move older combs to side walls, and when brood emerges, replace with frames of foundation. 2-4 a year
3 years ago
Hey Rich,
Are you referring to frames that have a preponderance of drone cells that you want to cull? If so how many are in consideration?
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