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  Wednesday, 04 May 2016
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I have a 13 year old Jetta that will probably need to be replaced in a few years (which I have been saying for a few years so who knows) and I skim over car reviews from time to time as I muse on what car I may want to replace it. In addition to being kid friendly, good cargo space, having enough clearance to handle dirt roads (something my Jetta struggles with) and still be small enough to fit into the smallish doors on my garage (the Jetta manages but a van or big truck would scrape) I have also pondered what would be good for beekeeping. I have eliminated some cars already as I just can't imagine fitting several deeps flat in the back of them. My Jetta can handle two sets of boxes side by side in the back but only one deep or two mediums stacks. I think a hitch might also be useful and have wondered if having a cargo area open to the rest of the cabin might be asking for trouble if I have to drive the vehicle later, especially with the kids.

I thought this might be an interesting topic of conversation so I am posting it here.
6 years ago
I had the thought of a trailer in the back of my mind, hence the hitch, but perhaps a small trailer or even a "hitch packer" as the main way to move gear between yards might be the way to go. Would mitigate the number of bees inside the car for sure.


The hitch packer is 22" x 60" which, if I did my math right means three boxes can fit in it before any stacking. And its only $75. Proper strapping would be essential. And I would not want to be loading up full hives onto it, but that is why I cleverly have a father with a truck!
6 years ago
Have you considered a small utility trailer?
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