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  Sunday, 19 July 2020
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Hello all, I have obtained several burlap bags from an organic coffee Company in Burlington through out the years. They have always been great smoker fuel. Recently I cut up a fairly thin bag and used it in my smoker. It seemed to work OK but did not last long. It was a quick trip so it didn't matter. Anyway, the next time I went to fuel my smoker I noticed a big glob of molten yuk in the bottom. Obviously there must be some sort of plastic mixed into the bag manufacturing. I do not think it hurt any of my hives but thought I would pass along this situation. When I went back to the "thicker" bags they were just fine. The thin bags also have a slight sheen to them, but did not smell like burning plastic !!!! Peter
1 year ago
Second cut hay works well, is readily available, and is cheap
1 year ago
Funny you mention this as I just changed smoker fuel. I'd been using burlap bags from a coffee company in Middlebury and ALWAYS had trouble keeping them lit. I just couldn't do it. I noticed a stronger residue in my smoker which may have been due to it burning cooler?

This year I decided to just stop wasting time and bought some smoker fuel from Betterbee that I love. I light it and it stays lit and lasts a long time. While I liked the idea of the burlap and a supposed "organic" source I've come to believe if I don't see/source with my own eyes it isn't real.

Buying smoker fuel may seem like the easy way out but if you're pressed for time it beats gathering pine needles, straw, wild hickory nuts, or whatever.


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