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  Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Would love to know how you run your brood chambers - two deeps or one deep and a medium super and if so why? Also what are thoughts on slatted racks and does this weigh into your answer to the first question.
4 years ago
Brood space: two deeps and a medium. The brood area often occupies all of two deeps and most of the medium above. I based my size originally on what was recommended by the more experienced people and now I base it on what I see the bees need for brood space - which is what people like Ron Bartemy and Scott Wilson recommended to me early on.

I'm going to try a few slatted racks this year after listening to some SABA folks a few weeks ago. I'm trying a few colonies with and some without. I'll tell you next Spring if they made any difference.
4 years ago
Hello, I agree with Ron, I run either 2 deeps and one medium or 3 deeps. I also use a slatted (slotted) rack. According to a web site in Ontario the use of the larger brood chambers, slotted racks, and a ventilation collar (home made, and summer time use only) decreases the need for a hive to swarm. Typically the hive swarms due to lack of space for the Queen to lay eggs, poor ventilation (hot hive) or a weak Queen. The theory of the slotted rack is that it creates a bottom barrier that helps contain the Queen if she does decide to swarm. (Although if she decides to swarm it probably has very little influence) It also helps keep the hive warmer in the winter. The weak Queen we have very little control (replace), however we can help with the room and temperature.
The web site is Beeworks.com and you can obtain the ideas in the "swarming" section. There is a lot of good info. He also uses a square hive box which is a little "out there".
Now if we could only come up with a simple cure for the Varroa situation.
I use two deeps and a medium room for stores for our long winters
Worked this way for years
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