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  Thursday, 02 February 2017
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I heard from Steve Silverman during the winter meeting the detailed budget sheet was here on the VBA site.

Could someone please direct me to this?
A link posted here would be helpful, thank you
It would be under members only tab but this has not been up dated since the 2016
Winter meeting
5 years ago
A detailed budget sheet ?
A link please
How about for 2015?
I still don't see what Steve had up on the overhead for the year before
5 years ago
I tried to find what you want David. I can't open the members only tab. I'm logged in. I place my cursor over the members only tab and get the login tab. Over and over and over.....

Perhaps Champlain Marketing, who I assume is our web master, should fix this.
5 years ago
I consider myself pretty savvy with a computer ,being able to write HTML, websites etc... I've looked over every inch of this new site and the old and there has never been a detailed description of financials.
If you look back at Main Forum and Suggestions follow the Transparency posting. All the stats I picked out of the BOD meetings that are on line.

Thanks Mike
I can open members only tap ,I checked the meeting minutes tab.
The last up date was winter meeting 2016 minutes.
No board meeting minutes or any other information has been posted to
The VBA Webb Site. Since March 2016
We had a change of officers at Summer meeting I was in hope things would change
And the site would be kept up to date.
David ,Mike Willard is the Webb master maybe you should send Mike a E Mail.

5 years ago
All I'm asking for is what Steve Silverman said was going to be up on line. He had it up on the overhead very briefly in front of us at the winter meeting.
I've been looking for budget sheets in years past with no luck.
I have never seen VBA to have a budget .
At the meetings they post a financial report of money taken in and money spent.
I have never seen the financial report posted on the Webb site.
Maybe it's something new they are going to post.
We can send Steve and Mike Willard a e mail and ask them if a financial report will be posted
Maybe at the same time we could ask about Board meeting minutes and summer meeting
5 years ago
I'm mainly interested in the numbers around Tunbridge Fair so I can work on figuring out feasibility in getting a booth at the fall Champlain Valley Fair where we (VBA) can sell honey & educate anyone interested in beekeeping.
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