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  Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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Hi one and all! I have a neighbor with a bumblebee nest in insulation in their garage. Husband wants to spray and annihilate nest and wife would like me to move/rescue colony. Anyone have experience with this or know whom I can contact?
They're beautiful and I don't know what type of bumblebee they are either.
Thanks for your help.
6 years ago
Yes. They're finishing their garage and covering the insulation. The only choice was moving the neat or killing it. So far, it looks like they transitioned fine.
6 years ago
Wouldn't the queen bumble still be in the nest? Or do they find another place to hibernate?

I don't know much about bumble but thought the colony died off come cold weather leaving a few pregnant queens to winter over. Knowing this wouldn't at least one queen (future of the colony) still be in the nest?
6 years ago
Hi Kathy;
I assume you're neighbor is uncomfortable with the bumblebees or they are in the way and prohibiting them from doing a project. That said, if they are not presently a problem and they could wait till cold weather when they die off naturally, Let them be. After they die off plug the entrance to prohibit others from taking up residence next year.
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