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Could someone elaborate on what their summer curriculum : part 1
Was? What was required of them to achieve this part.
4 years ago
David, when I took the test's I was also asked to write an essay which was an outline of my beekeeping experience, classes or workshops attended, community service (Tunbridge Fair). Basically an overview of your beekeeping journey. Not a big deal at all. You have done "community" service and you merely have to write it down.
When I did the "in hive" portion I went to Ross Conrads home. (MIddlebury). Maybe you could reach out to Ross as well as Bill.
Hope this helps. Peter
4 years ago
I spoke to Bill M about taking the test. He told me he was busy and the hive was tied up. ?
One of the main reasons I wanted to make the meeting, one of the last things I needed to do.
Bill also told me I had to write some essay?
No sure on what, and I didn't remember reading anything about it when I started the certification process. Anyone hear of this? or on what?
Sorry I missed something as VBA summer meeting had a hive work shop this summer
So why where you un able to take the test .
4 years ago
I just found it odd... more specifics weren't spelled out.
I've tried for two years to do the field hands on test at the summer meetings. The first year, granted it rained then the most recent summer meeting I attended really wanting to get it out of the way. I think we need to have a few more members able to administer these areas. I feel Bill and Ross both have a lot of other obligations and we need to school others to take on some of the burdens of these duties.
I've taken and passed the written test, I've worked countless hours at the farm booth, I've served as a mentor to more than a half a dozen beekeepers, I've done a presentation at a nature conscious camp.

How about just a simple workshop on what some of the duties are for the offices and committees. Bring those officers out to explain to folks (that might be interested in serving) what their duties are for our organization. How about at our winter meeting?
4 years ago
Under the certification program tab on the VBA website, there is a list of Certified Beekeepers. Bill and Ross are the first two listed with hyperlinks to their email addresses.
Please let me know if this helps.
4 years ago
Hi David, It's my understanding that the certification program is three parts. First a written test, offered at most (all?) VBA meetings. Second a field test, working the bees under the evaluative eye of Bill Mares or Ross Conrad. Third, a certain amount of beekeeping themed community service. As Scott said, Bill M and Ross C would be the contacts for more info, but I figured I'd offer what I know. -- Julie
4 years ago
It's vague. To me it reads like you take a written test but then it's written as a "summer curriculum". I wrote the secretary for explanation of how to start the program and clarity of part one. Never heard back, that was months ago.

It would be of great help if it was written clearly. The contact of whom and how to start the program was stated. Little things like that would be most helpful. Contact person, what part one actually is and how you start the program.

Contact Bill Mares or Ross Conrad is stated above. How would one do that? No contact info on them.
4 years ago
If you are referring to the Certified Vermont Beekeeper program, either Bill Mares or Ross Conrad can answer your question. They are the directors of that program. I encourage you to contact them for specifics.
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