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  Sunday, 08 May 2016
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Inspection yesterday revealed lots of chilled brood in the weaker of my two colonies. It's all over the place. I suspect that what happened with this one (the stronger of my two colonies going in to winter) is that they swarmed late in the season, but were able to raise a gueen who mated. She was able to lay eggs, but it got very cold before any larvae were capped, and it went downhill from there.
I found a very small patch of capped brood and eggs but could not see the queen. They are now on the bottom, but the situation above them is my concern. (and I'm second guessing reversing them, but there really was no space above them; they had lots of honey.)
Question: Will the bees be able to clean this up? Would it make more sense to try to combine them with the stronger colony or make them a nuc?

The other colony is good. Brood nest in 3 medium hive bodies that were reversed and have plenty of space above them now (obviously, I'll have to move those medium hive bodies once they move up.)
6 years ago
The stronger hive is the one I tried to requeen with your queen (unsuccessfully, remember?) I'd be lying if I didn't admit to spending some time crawling on the ground looking for that blue queen! (after I cleaned the bottom board)
6 years ago
Both hives were a 2 deep/medium hive body brood nest configuration.

The weak hive's brood is in a medium hive body. Best guess is I have 6-7 frames (total, at best) of bees in the weak colony.

The stronger hive could probably spare some bees and a couple frames of capped brood. They were also a 2 deep/medium hive body configuration but since they got strong and ran out of honey, they are now raising brood in the 3 medium hive bodies, which have been reversed to the bottom with lots of room above (and none of the chilled brood seen in the weaker hive).
6 years ago
In mediums? How many frames of bees in the weak colony?
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