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  Saturday, 14 March 2015
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I have been taken away by Dr Connor his articles are just great I have just finished reading for the second time his two articles on
Naked Combs and Empty Spaces.
In the article he talks about frames being moved in the hive and placed in the wrong order by the beekeeper I wounder how many hives
Are lost in late spring by us Beekeepers by make this mistake.or maybe not putting the food they need in the right place.
Just wanted to share.
PS how many watched the inside man on CNN this past Thursday night ?
7 years ago
The March 2011 article titled 'Colony Management' contains excellent advice about how we should approach our beekeeping activities and the types of things we should be looking for when we do open the hives for inspection. I tend to be too much in the hives, and, while it serves as a learning experience and an opportunity to hone my observation skills, the reminders about WHAT I should be looking for bear repeating,. Worth printing the 3 pages to keep with your bee journal.
7 years ago
I knew it was wicwas...nice job Google searching
Thank You I did Google search for an hour and could not find it again thank You
7 years ago

Here is the link. You can find anything using Google.

7 years ago
Gee.....you're right. Maybe we can reach out to the administrator to
put the link back up. They were good articles.
well Im upset the link for Dr Larry Connor on the home page of VBA is gone this link had a lot of Larrys articles i did not book mark the link if any one has the link please post it or e mail to me

Thank You
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