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  Wednesday, 04 September 2013
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Newbee here, Does everyone automatically add an entrance reducer in the fall to prevent robbing and attacks from yellow jackets?
Or is this only for weak hives ? I still have a ton of activity from pollen and nectar flow happening and a lot of apple trees with fruit on the ground for the YJs so not sure when to reduce.
8 years ago
do what you must at this time of year to give your bees the best chances of staying strong
as winter approaches. from bears to yellowjackets....if it is hungry it will try to gain entrance to a hive,
especially one that might be weak. the best offense is a strong defense.
8 years ago
Hi Lindsey,

Might get a number of different answers. I personally reduce anything less than a full strength hive proportionately to the size and activity level of the hive. I have a few splits that are active, but don't need nearly the opening of the stronger hives. Also, might be a good idea to put on some mouse guards if you haven't already. I am in the middle of town, but have seen some evidence of skunks pawing around the entrances.
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