Sunday, 04 June 2017
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Yesterday we opened up our newly established top bar hive (May 21, 2017) to look for the queen, having been unsuccessful in two previous attempts. We thought if we found brood it would be a positive indicator. We're not sure what we found.. it doesn't look like brood, or I should say what we think brood should look like. The location of the filled cells is where brood might be located. We noticed a lot of worker bees with their heads buried in cells..
I've attached a photo in hopes that more experienced beekeepers can tell us what story the photo is telling us with regard to the state of our hive. Many thanks in advance.
5 years ago
I so appreciate your replies. They are Russian/Carniolan hybrids. There is another queen cell on the opposite side of that comb but none on the other combs. The bees have not been agitated, other than having to deal with newbee me. They seem very docile, in fact. I replaced their sugar water this evening with no gear on. They went through a quart of sugar water in the last 24 hours. Today was busy with pollen gathering. We do still fear something happened to the queen. I've attached a photo that seems to show more than one egg in a couple of cells, which would suggest workers are laying.
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5 years ago
You have a queen cell, you circled it in red. Not sure why you'd have one with a two week old package. Are these Russian or Russian hybrids? Seems very odd to me unless you somehow injured the queen in one of your inspections so they are making another. A previous post showed larvae (I think? hard to tell with free comb) so she was in there.

First thought was Russians as they seem to have queen cells on the ready and may not even lay in them.

The brown in cells that you circled with green is pollen. They store that to feed the larvae. Egg, larvae then capped with bee emerging in 20 ish days from egg being laid.
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