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  Sunday, 30 April 2017
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I am from TN and I am currently finishing my B.A. in Baking & Pastry Arts at New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier. (My wife and I are also looking to relocate to VT, but that is another topic.)
After seeing my pictures from yesterday's event at the North Yard, several fellow students and staff have inquired about beekeeping, and the idea was floated to start a colony on campus.
We have a small (organic) kitchen garden behind our student dining hall, which I feel would be a good location; very limited foot traffic, good forage and water nearby, right outside a large window for casual observation...
I've got a few extra dollars this month, and some students offered to help with funding and would be willing to foot the bill for some hive body parts and a Nuc.
_My_ big concern is that when I depart campus, (Jan. 2018) the project may flounder, and orphan a colony.
I was hoping there may some members of VBA who would be willing to assist in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with. Including but not limited to:
VBA / NECI Liaison
Equipment selection and purchasing, donations, recycling, freecycling.
A supporting curriculum ( VBA Certification Program? )
While this is jolly good fun, and I find it highly therapeutic, I feel that if we are going to do this, there needs to be a formal plan to follow.
Obtaining additional funding?
I know there are USDA/State Government Agricultural Grants, but the process would be overwhelming for me while I'm focusing on my own higher education.
Locating and engaging potential sponsors?
I'm sure there are plenty more topics I need to investigate before I'm ready to take a formal proposal to Student Council and eventually to Department Chairs....

Very Respectfully
John Gunterman


C/O N.E.C.I.
7 School St.
Montpelier, VT 05602
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