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  Wednesday, 16 September 2015
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I know someone not too far from me who started beekeeping with one colony last year. He did ok - healthy colony and pulled 30lbs of honey last year. He's got two full supers he's bringing over Sunday for extraction BUT apparently he has developed a sensitivity to bee venom and has had some bad reactions to bee stings, most recently over the weekend... to the point where he's missed work.

So, he's looking to sell his setup. He's got all the equipment which I'm sure he'll provide a list but he asked me what a colony is worth and I haven't any idea.

What does a colony go for if someone is looking to sell? Two broodchambers, three honey supers, outer/inner covers and bottom board - along with a very healthy number of bees with a strong queen. Thanks!


7 years ago
Pretty good so far. Have to extract again, waiting for this warm spell to pass. Don't want to interrupt their hard work.
7 years ago
Thanks Peter. How'd you do this year?


7 years ago
Hi Greg, if you look at Better Bee or other catalogues you would see that the hive bodies, supers, frames, bottom board etc. would most likely add up to $300.00 to $400.00. Add a package of bees, or a Nuc and that is at least another $100.00 Plus. I would say that a hive in excellent shape, with healthy bees should sell for $350.00 or more. Of course buying used equipment may have some risk so perhaps that should weigh Into the price as well.
I have seen hives on Craigslist asking up to $500.00. Hope this helps.
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