Monday, 15 October 2018
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Good morning,

I've begun feeding a few hives and a couple of nucs. When should I stop feeding? Does it depend on the weather?

Thanks! I love VBA!!!

To late to feed with the weather so cold ,however I feed based on weight of the hive
I use two deeps and one med by the end of Sept I want a weight of about 150 lbs 165 is better
So say I have a hive at 140 I will put two or three gal cans 2/1 syrup on top each can will increase
The weight of the hive 10 lbs per can so two cans on a reweight will give me a hive of 160 lbs .
This has worked for a long time .
I don't like feeding but I won't let my bees starve to death.

Three things for sure that kill bees is starving,varroa mites,and moisture
Varroa should be top of the list
Just my two cents
3 years ago
Why are you feeding? Are the hives underweight?
3 years ago
Generally, feed until they stop taking it. (Which may be now due to the cold weather!)

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