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  Thursday, 08 September 2016
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Pretty disappointing after last year's record flow. Oh well, it happens. We reorganized the brood factory nucs today. There is a bit of a flow on. Bees were flying well. Still, some haven't got much for winter.

I've seen this before. Some years, the flow doesn't recover. One year, the goldenrod failed. Hives were very light, but thew aster flow added significant weight to the hives. Small White and Multi-Flowered White.

There is hope, but I wouldn't rely on it. If your hives are light, start feeding them now. Double deeps should weigh at least 145, and double deep with a super should weigh in at 155-160.
5 years ago
Indeed David, if a beekeeper wants to offer to pick up sugar at Costco for other beekeepers who don't have a membership there, that would be a very nice thing for them to do. Perhaps something to think about floating here on the forums a month or so before one of the annual meetings or before a regional club meeting.
5 years ago
I concur with Ron, the standard is too deep and 1 medium for a ten frame 165lbs . I'm also an experimental guy so last year l over wintered 1 deep with one medium on top they came through just fine. Now was it because of the somewhat mild winter. I'll be doing it again this winter. I also did just some single deeps that made it. As soon as weather allowed I did sprinkled some sugar on top of the frames on the singles and they made it. Along with several double nucs.
I run 10 frame boxes with 9 frames
Two deeps and one medium
I like to have a weight of 160 lbs or better

So a guess would be around 150 lbs for 8 frame equipment
5 years ago
Weighed my hives today. I run 2 deeps and 1 medium on 8 frame hardware. What should the target winter weight be for this configuration? I know I need to feed a couple hives, but just trying to figure out what the targets should be.

5 years ago
There's another opportunity for our association (VBA) to help out...
Sugar in bulk
5 years ago
Costco has sugar in 25# and 50# bags @ .40 /lb. or $10.00 for 25#. The 50# is something like $18.80.
Late nectar flow just started this week in northern part of the state.

Larry Karp
5 years ago
Garrett, I won one of the profeeders from Mann Lake a few years back. I had tried several other feeders and had mixed luck. The Mann lake profeeder was so much better. The lid kept the feeder from bellying out and the bees from taking swan dives into it. The ladders seem to work like a charm. I am using that one now and when I was adding more feed to it I could not see any dead bees float up, not to say there weren't any, but previously I had seen lots of floaters in my other feeders.

I ordered a 5 pack of the deep version and 2 of the medium sized. Figure that the med size might be handy when I don't want to remove a deep frame or two to make room for a feeder and instead just put a med box on top to hold the feeder.
5 years ago
10 lbs bags of sugar are just under $5 now in the box stors. I looked into buying bulk too and it would be the same 50 cents a pound. No hassle of special order and timing delivery is cool with me.

The bees started bringing in the golden rod here a bit over a week ago (late up in the northern hills compared to the rest of you) but the extended drought soon put an end to that. Made an order for mite strips, other sundries and insert feeders that arrived today. Will be mixing 2:1 tomorrow and installing. Really like Mann Lake's new design for feeder tops. Instead of a float or open feeder it has two holes in the cover that a mesh tube is inserted in. It looks like it will work quite well plus they are the extra wide inserts that take up two frame space. Without actually having used yet I'm pretty happy with them. I've made huge messes trying to pour syrup into the narrow inserts before.
5 years ago
With the recent rains being spotty, some places might be experiencing very poor flow, others could have gotten enough rain or have enough groundwater to have something going on. I am crossing my fingers that the my bees might have gotten some forage from a field of irrigated squashes nearby. Anyways, I will be checking this weekend and making final decisions about who has surplus (one can dream) and who needs feeding. I will try to make a note here with what I find out and I would be interested in what other people observe in their own hives, both bad and good.

In expectation of feeding I placed an order for more feeders earlier this week. Now just have to find some sugar! I have explored buying sugar in bulk but have found that pound per pound, grocery stores seem to have better prices... presumably because they use it as a loss leader to get shoppers in. Though I feel a little odd going to check out with a cart full of almost nothing but sugar.
5 years ago
Mike - what is the best way to gauge a double nuc for weight (4/4 + 4/4)? If the strengths are similar, would you just weigh the whole thing and feed accordingly? If so, what would your target weight be?
If you need gal lined cans to feed your bees
Newtons Paint store on Rt 105 in St. Albans
Has cans at $2.50 ea
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