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  Wednesday, 01 February 2017
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I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for setting up next year's booth. I worked on it last year.

This year I was willing, but was told it was going to be taken care of.

I have many new fresh ideas to spruce it up and make it a show stopper in 2018!
5 years ago
 Sorry Paul maybe I took this t he wrong way?
"We/I do not have anything to do with the honey contest set up."
5 years ago
I said I was not responsible for the honey contest booth, just the educational booth.
5 years ago
That would be fine. Farm Show / Honey Contest both would be just fine with me.
Last I knew UVM and the Fair ran the honey contest and Mike & Mike did the judging for them...
I believe that I over heard a rumor they ( UVM / Fair) were talking about giving it up.
Do you know something more Ron?
Paul said just the other day we were not responsible for the honey contest.

Of course transparency isn't always that transparent
I thought you wanted to take over the education booth
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