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Hello David Prior here. I'd like to start out by saying I'm very excited to be offered the position of heading up the educational booth at the Farm Show. I hope it will be as exciting to you as it has been for me organizing the event this year. I'd like to start by giving you an overview of an idea I need help with.  I'll have a white board up stating topics with times throughout the  course of the show. The topics will be mini talks on different beekeeping aspects. I'll start out by throwing out the ideas I'd like to implement. The list goes like this.

:Talk about VBA, state clubs, the importance of mentors and what this all means to us. 

:Time commitment 

:Brief list of items to get started in beekeeping. 

:Parts of the hive and different types of hives (Lang, top bar)

:The three bees and some of their duties.

:Some of the products from your hive.

:The honey contest 

:Some things we watch for in the hive, queen cells,  diseases, pests etc...

:Queen rearing 

:Native VT flowers  (seed bombs)

In these talks they can be as short as 5-10 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. 

If you have thoughts of a topic please share your ideas.

My first  thought was having one of the members / booth volunteers pick one of the topics to speak on during their slots. It doesn't necessarily have to work this was but was my initial thought. Now as far as what we have as volunteers filling the slot each of them have been filled as singles, meaning one individual for each of the times for Wednesday and Thursday.  Now in the past we have had two people covering each time slot. Do we need this, would it make sense to try and cover each time slot with two or try and figure out the high volume times to cover such as the mornings and not the later afternoon slots?

I plan on staying each day the show is open either in the booth or on the grounds, available by phone. 

This year I have asked for some small  beekeeping items to be awarded to the public as constillation prizes. The manner yet to be determined  (ideas?).

I will have two bowls for drawings one will be current beekeepers with items of interest from suppliers. The other will be a pound of honey or honey products  (lip balm, soaps maybe a candle) I'm looking for donations from you. The names and addresses of the folks checking the box on the slips wanting more information will be put on a computer and we will send out a post card with nearby clubs to join, dates of yard events, our biannual meeting dates, Web address, how to join VBA etc...

My hope is to elaborate on my idea of the educational booth to make it bigger and better each year with your help.

Thank you for taking your time to take this all in and taking it to the next level of something we can all work together to achieve. Let's help educate our next new beekeeper and keep our current ones coming back.

David Prior 
Hopefully you can access the VBA Facebook page as well, good information

Please contact me at

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