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  Tuesday, 19 December 2017
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Hello Beekeepers, I hope many beekeepers who have not participated in the past will make an extra special effort to submit an entry into the products contest. Outside of it being a contest it more importantly promotes our products and provides an educational opportunity to beekeepers and non about what facets are involved in producing a quality Vermont product. I have always been amazed at how many people are at the meeting, possibly over a hundred but maybe 10 entries in the one pound honey. It is easy for me to bring product since I live 3 blocks from the fairgrounds. So, what are the discussion/clarification points. First I received a mailing from the farm show with the dates and contest categories but with an additional sheet giving product contest drop off locations statewide. Now if that is true and accurate it seems to open up a potential for many more entries. The most important take away here is if the drop off locations are valid (some years in past they were not) then it would be fantastic for many more to enter products. The black jar category has been a recent favorite and graciously sponsored by Mike Palmer. For drop off locations go to: http://www.vtfarmshow.com/contest-drop-off-locations.html I would call the office to verify. Finally I need a point of clarification on the information posted on our website in regards to the product contest stating that the winner of the specialty food contest receives one hundred dollars. I have been fortunate to win the last couple of years (admittedly with very few entries) but always received $25.00. Not looking for or need the difference just want the rules to accurately reflect the outcome so not to become a problem later for someone else.
Thanks, Hugh Gibson
Yes the drop off points are correct,
Primes for winners of a class are $25.00 paid by the farm show.
The black jar was a new class added a couple years a go the first year it did pay $100.00
This money was donated Mike Palmer ,
Last year it was decided to pay $25.00
As of to day that will be the pay out for the black jar $25.00 the class is taste only
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