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  Sunday, 22 February 2015
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So earlier this past week it was not windy and slightly sunny and my bees were coming out. I inspected the hives and found that the blue hive was at the top of two deeps and a medium and had eaten all of the little patty I had put on the screened inner cover hole. That was a surprise! I pulled a two patties out of the freezer and let them warm up and then went back out with a shim and a patty for each hive. The blue hive was VERY robust and my wife learned how bees can sting even in February. Right in the neck! OUCH! We got the shim and patty on and moved to the yellow hive. They hadn't really consumed their small patty but we put a shim on and a full patty as well just to be sure. They seemed to be lower down in the box. Well as chance would have it, it was warm again today and as I cleared the path I noticed bees coming out for flights. I decided to take a peek at the blue hive and when I looked they had pretty much devoured the whole patty in less than a week. Fortunately, I had gone to Betterbee yesterday for a class and picked up a 10 pack of winter patties. I tossed another one in for them and closed them up and wondered afterward if I should have put two in. I checked the yellow hive and they still hadn't consumed the small patty on the inner cover hole so I assumed they were doing OK and decided not to open them up. I went out after lunch and I guess the sun came out because when I got home there were bees in the snow and lots of evidence of cleansing flights. Even at 5:00 there were bees poking out of the upper entrances. I could have sworn I heard one buzz WTH? but I can't be sure. At any rate, both hives are alive, both hives got to flush the toilet today and it looks like I may be putting more patties on they blue hive every time the weather warms. Exciting to see the girls alive and feisty.
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