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  Sunday, 20 October 2013
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Hi- we are 1 st time beekeepers and got a late start in the season. We have 1 brood box and 1 full super. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to feed over the winter?
8 years ago
The only thing I would add about the quilt making is... the holes on the sides, I put mine at an angle so the water doesn't go straight into the wood chips. Oh mine are just a tad over 3" deep.
Hi Mark~
I'm a first timer, too- there are lots of great books, and website help out there.
This is a good site for winter food recipes:
I made candyboards for my hives, and placed them below the inner cover quilt I made for each,
( it goes below the insulation board/top cover)
here's the link:

hope this gives you some ideas!
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