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  Wednesday, 01 April 2015
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Central Vermont. Still snow on the ground and I see no evidence of any pollen yet. It was in the 30s today and the breeze was cool but the sun was warm. Bees were out walking around on the hive, flying down to the ground poking around and a fair number were flying off somewhere doing something. My guess is that they were either out scouting or collecting propolis or minerals. In any case, I took out the blueboard from the top super and lifted the inner cover. The blue hive had again consumed almost all of the winter patty I put there last week and there were a lot of bees there looking up at me. I gave them a spring patty and closed things back up. The yellow hive had more winter patty left but I put in a spring patty too. After some consideration I returned and put a 2:1 syrup feeder on top of each hive. They seem to be coming out in force every good day and with some warmer weather predicted for the next few days I thought it would be a good idea to give them lots to eat. I'll peek tomorrow and see how much the syrup has gone down and that should give me a good idea of where things stand in both hives. I must confess it is pretty exciting to find both hives in good shape and one that I would categorize as robust even. I'm glad I put those winter patties on back in late February because I think I might have lost one if I didn't. Warmer days ahead and the bees are ready to rock! :)
7 years ago
That's really good news!!! I checked mine today but they have not consumed very much of the fondant or the pollen patty that I put in one week ago. But there are lots of bees and they were, like yours, out and about enjoying the later afternoon sun (it snowed here this morning!! good grief!). I'm trying to figure out what I can learn by how much they are (or are not) consuming the sugar and pollen patty. If they have enough honey, does that mean they wouldn't be interested in the sugar candy? Do they not LIKE my sugar candy? Would the same be true for pollen? or with the pollen, could it be that the queen has not really started laying again or, heaven forbid, there is no queen at all? There was a goodly amount of capped brood going in to the winter, so I was confident she was there. It's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow!
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