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  Thursday, 25 June 2020
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Hi all,

I needed to move my hive and couldn't use the method of a couple of feet a day because I've got active Bears and moving the fence along with the bees wasn't practical. So I closed them up at night, moved them, put branches in front of the opening etc... I now have a lot of field bees circling in the old location. Do I just count those bees as a loss? Is there any way to recapture those bees?


1 year ago
One option is to place an empty hive body with bottom board and out cover.

The bees should go in and out and may cluster.
You can then, in the morning, collect the cluster and spill them back into the hive.
Some may fly back to the original location but that is the loss.
2 years ago
Michael Bush has detailed instructions on his website The Practical Beekeeper (or something like that). Good luck. I recently experienced the same issue.
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