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  Monday, 24 October 2016
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Hello VT beekeepers- this is our first winter as beekeepers. We put a metal mouse guard (has holes for ingress/egress) and flipped the notch in the inner cover so it is face down, and moved the outer cover so it is over the top (vs the previous angled position) We'll put insulation in the top of the outer cover. Still open are holes we drilled in the deeps, not sure whether to put a cork in them to prevent mouse entry if the snow gets deep. Screened bottom board should allow for some ventilation, though we're new at this, so proceeding with caution!

We've read pros and cons of wrapping the hives. If we do proceed, when is the time to wrap?
If we've missed something or done something that seems off, please respond. I know there are many ways to prep for winter, I may be opening up a bigger conversation. Thanks for suggestions!
5 years ago
Appears that you have "all bases covered", (I am watching the World Series....). Good luck.
5 years ago
Thank you Peter of your response, We did treat for mites and we have a full medium super of honey, plus we did a short stint of 2:1 sugar syrup. We are in Charlotte.
5 years ago
Again !!! Also, have you treated for mites this fall ??? May be the most important requirement.
5 years ago
Hello, I would seal up the drilled holes in the hive bodies. Although you want ventilation you do not want to have a hole large enough for mice to enter. A cork or even duct tape will work.
My personal preference is to have the slot in the inner cover facing down, which you have done, but I rotate it to the rear of the hive so there will be a flow thru ventilation. Also the top rear of the hive is the highest place for ventilation to occur. (I assume you have the hive tilted slightly toward the front)?
If you place foam board between the inner and outer cover you might want to duct tape over the center hole in the inner cover. Bees may chew at the foam if it is open to them.
I would also recommend that you wrap the hive, tar paper or "bee cozy''s. This will help with heat gain on sunny days. Be sure not to block the bottom entrance or rear vent. Hives should be wrapped now.
Depending on the hive location you might also place some sort of wind block, hay bales, plywood or whatever you might have to block the prevailing wind.
Also important is whether or not your bees have enough stored honey. Did you weigh you hives and or fed sugar syrup this fall ?
What Town are you located ? Good luck. Peter.
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