Saturday, 14 October 2017
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Anybody have a good recipe for Fondant?
Larry Karp
4 years ago
Thanks for the tip. However, I have a lot of sugar on hand that I would like to use up. I have made fondant before with cream of tartar, which I am reading is not good for the bees. So, I was wondering if there is a better, safer recipe out there. Also, using corn syrup does not seem the best and the recipes I see include that. Is it necessary?
4 years ago
Mike is absolutly correct. To add a little, Green Mountain Marketplace (food service) is located in Whitehall NY, about 7 miles west of Fair Haven Vt. They are a restaurant supply and also a retail store. If you go be sure to bring either cash or a check, they do not accept debit or credit cards. I have bought sugar and fondant there many times. (I only live about 10 miles away).
Also, the fondant is in 50 lb. blocks.
Making home made fondant I understand is a very messy and tricky process, sugar must be cooked to a certain temperature etc. Much easier and simplier to go buy a block. Peter
4 years ago
Green Mountain Food Service - 518-499-9101
50 pound blocks
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