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  Sunday, 23 August 2020
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I understand 2 formic acid strips are recommended for 10-frame hive treatment.
Are 2 strips also appropriate for 8-frame hives, or should only 1 strip be used?

Thank you for all your advice!
1 year ago
Hi, I would follow the directions on the product. I would suggest you use the 1 strip recommendation over the appropriate time instead of the 2 strip method. Two might be too harsh.
I would suggest you contact the NOD Company and ask them directly. Worth a try. If they do respond please post it. Peter
Thank you for your thoughts, Peter.

I did reach out to NOD and this was their response:

“Both 8 and 10 frame hives can be treated the same, the colony just needs to be a minimum of 6 frames covered in bees. If the hive is weaker, around 6 frames, I would suggest using the 20 day, 1+1 strip method. If the hive is strong the 2 strip method is recommended. Add an extra honey super with frames to give bees more room to expand.
Generally 1 month between 2 strip applications is recommended except in cases of extremely high mite loads and where temperature windows are closing.“

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