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  Thursday, 02 February 2017
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Here is a link to the Google Sheet that is a sorta copy of the one I have been using this year to keep tabs on my bottling, inventory, and sales.

If you have a Google account I believe you will be able to save a copy to your own Google Drive. If you don't have a Google account you can save as an Excel, though much of what is handy about this is that its "on the cloud".

In short:
The blue area is where you record your bottling. For some this would be one line, others might have several bottling events. The bottling totals are total in the "Total Bottled" row (row 7) in the orange area at the top.
Sales are in the area below the bottling area. Sales are totaled up in the Total Sold row (row 6).
Total Sold are subtracted from Total Bottled to give you Total Available for Sale (row 5).
To keep tabs of where inventory is there is the area to the right in the green area. I have honey at my home, at my office, and some at my Mother's house so this area allows me to keep track of where all those bottles I bottled live. The intention is that they are checked periodically and the date entered.
"Unaccounted" on Row 7 on that side of the page allows me to check that my physical inventory matches (or not) my theoretical inventory. This acts as a nice prompt to enter sales.
I alluded to the the advantage of being on the cloud, my own sales Sheet I have linked to as a shortcut on my smartphone and is bookmarked on my browsers on my computers. Entering data into it is easy and I don't end up forgetting to enter data because the sales book is at home or at the office etc.. Your mileage may vary but I hope that some people might find it useful.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And again, make your own copy to tweak to your heart's content.
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