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  Tuesday, 05 July 2022
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Some time ago I watched a beekeeper using a different type of hive tool, rather than the old flat one. It is a hive tool with a "hook" on one end. Typically called a "hitchhiker" tool. It is available at various outlets.
The reason I want to post this is because it is so much better than the older styles. I use the one that has a "thumb" on one end with a 90 degree bend and the other end is a flat sharp bar.. With the 90 degree bend you can insert between two frames and twist to release the propolis, then insert the "thumb" near the edge of the frames and use it as a fulcrum to pry up the ends. There is much less chance to squish bees doing this and you are not damaging any comb. You can then use the 90 degree bend to scrape off burr comb or propolis. (Or the flat sharp end)
I have been using metal frame rest/spacers in my supers, 10 frame to 9 frame. With this situation you cannot pry from side to side but pull straight up. The hook allows you to do this easily. For what it's worth !!! Happy Beekeeping !!!
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