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  Tuesday, 13 September 2016
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Don't want to violate good form and cheer loudly while others are struggling for honey production, BUT...
I just left my two hives... I went out with low expectations due to the discussions on this forum, but I've got a different kind of problem (no space).
Hive 1 ... Two deeps had 4 frames brood and 16 frames uncapped honey, plus three medium supers chock full of capped honey.
Hive 2 ... Identical except that it has four medium supers chock full of capped honey.

I added an empty drawn out super on top of the deeps and under the full supers (and I added a bee escape board). Will try to harvest this week. Not the best time to be adding boxes maybe, but they had little to no space for laying or more storage.

We're in Proctorsvile -- the Ludlow area. Hoping others in the area will experience similar good fortune.

Also, we saw the bees dragging the drones out of the hive on the stone slab below the hive. A cherished fall ritual!
5 years ago
Hi David,
Thanks - and I think you're right ... I definitely should have done that. Going into a friend's hive today - will keep that strategy in mind if needed.
5 years ago
JulieLynn you might consider just pulling a few full frames and replace with some of your drawn frames instead of a whole super.
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