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  Saturday, 28 March 2015
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This may open up a can of worms. Some people swear by the stuff, other people not so much. I've been reading Ross Conrad's book Natural Beekeeping. I'd rather use natural treatments then chemicals in my hives.
On the use of spearmint oil in what you read did the author give any SUPORT to this claim by any universitys or lab s.
As we all know our bees just don't have the deveristy of food they had in the 40s and 50s ,they had better food and more of it they could build natural high protein food supply's but not today.
Today evey thing they eat is laced with fungicide ,herbicides ,or pesticides .
To me natreral is fare better but with that said I feel we need to feed protein substitute ,as we have destroyed the natural food supply.
We all need to plant a lot more bee friendly plants,and buy if need be local Bees,not packages from the south.
I have read many of the articles by Dr. Larry Connor some of his articles I have read three times,also many studies by the different
University s.It will take a long time to undo the harm we have caused to our planet .
So at times we will need to use some chemicals to fight off some of what we have created.One other thing is any thing that is not natural will have some kind of side effects .
We just need to use good proven Bee Managment .Millions of dollars have been spent to get rid of the Varro mite but we haven't found the silver bullet yet
7 years ago
I understand it can help with spring build up when added to syrup. I also read that the spearmint oil can help reduce mite load.
7 years ago
HBH is a feed stimulant. What were you planning on using it for?
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