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  Sunday, 22 March 2015
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So far my hives have survived the winter. Of course Spring hasn't arrived yet. Besides my two over wintered nucs that I have, I'm also have another nuc on order. So I will have three hives this year. Since I'm being an optimist, I am planning on harvesting honey this summer. :lol: So I'm thinking about buying a extractor. Good plan? What are folks using? Anybody have any experience with the Lyson products that Better Bee is selling?
7 years ago
I vote YES!
I bought a manual 9 frame stainless steel extractor from rossman apiaries a couple years ago (at the VBA/Eastern conference in Burlington). I love it.
It's designed to bolt down, which I don't do, so it rocks a lot. I have to focus a lot on balancing the frames as I put them in. And just tolerate some rocking. All good.
It can extract 9 smaller frames (from your supers) at once, or 3 deeps at once (which I don't do).
I have three hives, and I labor-pool with a couple of other beekeeper friends, and this is perfect for me. If money weren't an issue, a motor would be grand, but indeed money IS an issue so the hand crank works just fine!
Hope this helps.
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