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  Monday, 16 February 2015
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Here is a video that is floating around the internet. Supposed to be a new system for collecting honey from the hive. It's interesting how in the time lapse video, not only can they get honey to flow from the hive, but the keep the robbers out of the open jars of honey.

Enjoy, something to entertain of a cold winter day.

I agree with you 100% but I also think the cost will keep the numbers down for awhile.
But I still have my doubts about this flow hive I'll stick with wood and work makes it fun plus what's a few stings

Please don't forget to plant a few flowers the more the better!
7 years ago
I still think this seems like some Ronco device and we'll start seeing the infomercials on a cable station. I do think that what will happen is more people will think, Oh I can get my own honey and not have touch the bees. I can just stick one of these things in my yard, with some bees and get honey by turning a tap. Never mind about learning how to successfully keeps bees alive. There will be more dead hives or more sick bees flying around. Maybe the next thing is find a way to have the bees just put the honey in those plastic bears.

Yes you are on point.
I'm not sure but I read it takes 20 lbs of honey for bees to. Make 1 lb of wax.
I'm sure I'm missing something or this would have been done long ago,I guess
But I also don't realy like plastic.
7 years ago
Good point Ron, I would think if the bees are content putting honey into these combs that separate. Why not create plastic comb. Look at all the time you've saved the bees. If I understand what you're saying.
I think at some point you will get a few stings as this system will need to be removed and cleaned,it looks like their areas the bees won't beable to clean. I know they say all the honey will drain,but we both know all things don't always work.so if some honey is left it will ferment and also crystallize .so my question is this.
If this does work why do we not have plastic comb frames?
We have plastic frames we have plastic foundation .
7 years ago

A new video showing the frame removed from the hive and how the extraction works. Cracking the cells open and draining the honey through the center without disturbing the cappings. It was pretty amazing to watch. Somehow I expect that the mechanical aspects of it could be problematic over time and I wonder how cost effective it is when you try and scale it. Also, it seems kind of underhanded to me. They keep saying that the bees standing on the comb won't even notice the honey is all be drained away right from under them. I think if you're going to steal their honey then you ought to be up front about it, take your stings and let them know the honey is gone by returning the empty frames so they can start saving for winter again. I suppose some might consider that sentimental but somehow just walking up to a hive and turning a spigot to steal all their honey just doesn't feel right to me.
7 years ago
I just checked it out...........they're up to 3 and a half million dollars raised.
7 years ago
Hi Keith et al;

I guess I'll be Guinea Pig #2. I just ordered the 7-flowframe + Box combo. Risky and expensive endeavor? To be sure! If I get ripped off, lesson learned. Of course we won't know til next year whether it is worthwhile (if their estimates for Nov 2015 are to be trusted). I'll remain the optimist and think positive. Fascinating concept though!
7 years ago
Hi Ronald. I read the link you posted to, and read a lot of the comments there... lots and lots of negative comments. Which in today's age of social media, is to be expected.

Know that I had a bit of skepticism initially as well, but after reading what others had to say about it who claimed hands-on knowledge of the system, plus seeing the videos, etc, I figured it was worth the risk to purchase one and try it out.

I'll be the guinea pig. I'll post my trials and tribulations here once I'm able to start setting up. In the meantime, there will be beekeepers who have ordered frames only to incorporate into their existing hives, so there should be plenty of feedback and first-hand accounts this season. Also, the inventors have stated that there may be changes and improvements to the system as time goes by and more people use it and provide feedback, which is a good thing.

Guess we'll see :)
The link above is how much money Flow Hive has raised ,I under stand the first hives won't be shipped unti Dec 2015
I sure hope this is not some kind of a scam.
7 years ago
After looking at the inventors site it all looks pretty good. Except they show all the cells being split vertically. When the honey is drained from the cells you crank it back and the cells all line up again and form a perfect union. I find it hard to believe the bees will make it easy for you to accomplish this. I hope this works. Call me a pessimist, but your dealing with mother nature here and she does what she wants. Altho Honey bees are great engineers they are not dealing with a pc of electronics. I would truely love to see this work and eat my thoughts and maybe my hat.
This could be like sugaring in Vermont all pipe line.
Talk about flooding the market with honey. :ohmy:
7 years ago
It looks like just the back of the cells open to drain the honey. The bees will then have remove the caps to refill. If it really works, I think to would work better in warmer climates where the honey would flow faster. I guess we really won't know if it works until next year. Nothing is being shipped until December.
Ok I have watched how this is made,I guess we are all a little gun shi from the video looks like the cell is spread open by the crank
After the frame is filled and capped.
Time will tell,not long ago no one believed what a cell phone can do today.
It will be very interesting how this works out. :woohoo:
7 years ago
Keith would you let the forum know how you make out with this product, I'm sure there are many who would like to know. Thanks, Keith

Absolutely! I plan to document my experience with pictures and posts. It'll be awhile yet before anything arrives, I'll probably have to wait til next year before I can purchase bees and get it going, estimated delivery of the system is December 2015. I plan on learning as much as I can between now and then.
7 years ago
Hi Wayne. From the creators own site - http://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/p/22 - explains how the process works. There's a picture gallery on their site that shows the setup, and they also post videos to their facebook site (search 'flow hive') which show the system in action.

I understand this is a leap of faith, as the only sources I have are what I have linked to. I suppose I'll be the guinea pig. I remember when I was young, helping my neighbor with pulling out the frames and scraping the caps off, lugging everything back and forth, getting stung, etc etc. If this system works even half as well as they claim, it's worth it in my opinion.
7 years ago
Keith, I don't want to sound like a spoil sport but have you got any verification from anyone other than Indiegogo that this product can do what they say it can do? Honey bees put honey in comb. I would be curious how you get the honey from the comb to a tap????????
Keith would you let the forum know how you make out with this product, I'm sure there are many who would like to know. Thanks, Keith
7 years ago
Hi all. New to the site and just getting started with beekeeping. I just ordered one of these flow hives a few hours ago. The individuals who started this went live on indiegogo (like kickstarter but larger) about 8 hrs ago as of this post - their goal was $70,000. They're just shy of 1.6 million right now, they've sold out of just about every product so far. You can see what all they have available plus a pretty good FAQ here - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flow-hive-honey-on-tap-directly-from-your-beehive/x/9970991

I don't think my kit will be here in time to get a hive going this season, but that's ok I'm in no hurry. I haven't done anything with bee keeping since 5th grade, helping a neighbor with his hives. I'll probably be asking for advice on best practices and so forth in the near future. Excited to learn!
True or not true you will find it on You Tube :woohoo:
Can this really be true
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