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  Sunday, 16 April 2017
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I cleaned up all my dead outs and most of the honey had crystallized. I had about twenty frames that were capped and contained liquid honey - not all full - but half or three quarters. Rather than set up the extractor, I decided to just cut out the comb and crush it. I put nylon paint strainers over two five gallon pails and cut the comb out in sections and crushed it. I knotted the bags and tied them up suspended over the buckets to let the honey strain through. I have done this in the past with cappings with excellent results. I didn't get a lot of honey - perhaps a gallon or so. It looks like caramel! It is opaque and seems to have "swirls" of fine particulate in it (pollen?). Nothing large enough for the eye to discern. It tastes and smells like honey but it is a far cry from the clear amber liquid I am used to seeing. I have not consumed any large quantity of it nor do I plan to give it to anyone else but I am wondering if there is anything that could make it inedible. Letting it stand does not seem to cause anything to settle out so far. Thoughts?
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