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  Tuesday, 11 July 2017
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Hi, I have been researching honey refractometer prices. Has anyone bought a fairly cheap one, say on ebay, and if so do they work as advertised ? It seems strange that the prices range from the mid teens to hundreds of $$$. Does anyone have any advice ? Thanks, Peter
5 years ago


5 years ago
I concur with Greg. I use a similar model and it seems to work well. Never had any fermented honey resulting from a bad reading. Just be sure to get the adjustment liquid
5 years ago
I have one of the very cheap models and it does seem to work. I did have an issue where the calibration fluid it came with started to disolve the plastic flap that goes over the sample. I should see if something else around the house would be suitable as a comparable standard, say corn syrup or something.
5 years ago
Brennan, on the Better Bee site the refractometer has info as to cleaning and calibrating . If the original cleaning fluid is not available Glycerin, 99.5% anhydrous is recommended. Available at drug stores. They also state that the fluid will absorb moisture if not tightly sealed, and will then be unusable. Better Bee also sells the vials of calibration fluid.
I took the plunge and bought the more expensive refractometer at Better Bee and feel more confident in its accuracy.
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